Thursday, August 7, 2008

Accch! So backlogged!

So many recipes I have done to blog about! As you can see from my flickr page, I make a lot more than I post about!

Ideally. before I run off to a Food Not Bombs meeting, I will post the Iranian Shotgun Wedding Cookies recipe!

In the meantime, I am working on a good vegan version of Smitten Kitchen's S'mores Pie. I can the dark chocolate and crust just fine, it is the marshmallow aspect I am having a hard time... I may just use ricemallow stuff, for aesthetics. Assuming I have some strong need to make such a thing. When I do, I will post the veganized recipe I have been using, with photos! For now I am too ashamed of the tasty but aesthetically imperfect product.

I am trying to clear out my fridge and pantry of all I have... or at least a lot of it. That should be fun. I am so not allowed to buy any new sugars (I already have cane sugar, jaggery, molasses, light and dark muscovado sugars, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, corn syrup, maple sugar, and and and! Let us not even get into the flours, or my half dozen or so salts).

Right now Vegan Yum Yum's Smokey Miso Tofu is in my oven. I am digesting some
banana blended with black sesame tahini (the last of my cute lil' jar, yay!), some maca and raw cacao. I also finished off the red miso (I have at least 6 different misos in my fridge and counting) on the aforementioned tofu.

Seriously, I am going to have to inventory my kitchen at some point... all the items I have that so many people think there is just one kind of. IE Cocoa powder. Are you talking about my dutch processed? My powdered hershey's "I don't care that this product is socially irresponsible, I needed chocolate at 2 AM and only Shaws was open" chocolate? My schaffrenberger powdered baker's chocolate? My bulk Valrhona that I use for dusting ? The coarse grounded raw cacao beans? The raw cacao powder?

Oh maybe you were talking about salt? Do you want the coarse sea salt? The finely ground sea salt? The pink himalayan rocks, or the finely ground version? Oh no, you would want to use the black Hawaian salt flakes to press into your chocolates. Oh they are Mexican chocolates? Try the smokey mexican salt. Ah, try sprinkling this apricot sea salt unto your avocado.

ramble ramble ramble.

Time to check the tofu.

However, remember. Mary is not allowed to buy flour, salt, sugar, chocolate, or miso for a loooooong time.

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