Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I love filler, baby

I'm starting to explore raw and living foods. I just picked up I Am Grateful, the Cafe Gratitude raw food cookbook. So far it seems awesome. I mean c'mon, "I Am Heavenly; Mudslide Pie," "I Am Devoted; Live Coconut Cream Pie," or "I Am Adoring; Tiramisu," anyone? I also just picked Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, which is the book that started my interest in raw foods.

I am having a lot of fun with Ani's book, and have started drinking home made nut mylks (as she calls them, to clearly differentiate them from dairy based milks) daily. I feel great, overall. It is totally conducive to easy living and quick foods that wont make you feel bad.

Last night I was hungry but did not have the energy to invest into cooking something. Inspired by the raw food books and the ease of having your food pre-digested by a blender, I threw together some frozen banana chunks, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, hulled hemp seeds (all three nuts/seeds were raw/unsalted), carob powder, mate powder, and vanilla extract.

Push down, blend, suck down.

Man I felt better.

I used the pumpkin seeds and mate as (frank female problems warning) the first day of my period was kind of bumming me, and those are both supposed to be hormonal balancing agents. Today I feel completely fine and unburdened, did some pilates first thing in the morning without a hitch!

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