Monday, May 21, 2007

munch munch munch (snack sammich)

I'd apologize for the lack of updates but nooo one is reading this. I will be posting more once I process a few photos and decide which recipes to begin posting.

I will try to be good about posting what I am eating, for my own logging sake or inspiration in simplicity. So before I go to the Poconos for Memorial Day Weekend, I am trying to clean out the fridge rather than make more food.

Tonight's dinner was stupendous, and it only took 3 minutes!

I tossed a piece of sprouted grain bread in the toaster, I mashed up half of a haas avocado in the skin, spread it on the toast, layered it with the rest of my adaptation of Vegan with a Vengance's chorizo, and dotted the top with tofutti's "better than sour cream."

All done, all tasty, all eaten up yum. Seriously you could have told me my cat was found horribly mutilated and I wouldn't have cared, while I was eating this open faced delight.


Eronarn said...

Lies, all lies. I check for pretty new pictures and accompanying recipes every few days even if I'm confident I won't ever be able to make anything out of it!

Anonymous said...

Reading, but not commenting much. As usual. -Ciz

kitlulu said...

I was looking around for kombucha babies when I found your blog that "nooo one is reading." You might want to check out, where I have mine. The site is free and easy to use, and though I'm not vegan (yet), several active members are, and would love your recipes - and gorgeous photos. Why not try it out. Of course you can invite your fans. :)

PS: Do you still have kombucha babies to give away? My email: correspond.with.kit(at)