Thursday, May 10, 2007

Semi-Italian Style Stuffed Green Peppers

I happened to leave my camera at Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar, anyway... I will be able to do pictures soon, intermittently. But until I get my own, sadly my food photog quality may be lessened.

Today's dinner, I just threw some leftovers together. I cut a green pepper in half and scooped it out. I sauteed up some diced shitake mushrooms in a little olive oil, with salt, put them aside. I then sauteed up some diced tomatoes in the same mix, and then tossed the tomatoes and mushrooms together and placed them in the peppers. I then covered this mix with some leftover tofu ricotta I had lying around, tossed them in a 425 degree oven and set to bake for 30 minutes.

Here's hoping all turns out well (they're baking right now, eep!)


Emily said...

i just found your blog through craftster =)

last time i made stuffed peppers, i used couscous and veggies and they were actually pretty good. your sound better though!

juineve said...

yay my self prostitution is working!
I generally don't use couscous, too starchy. I thought it was a natural grain for the longest time and then found out it wasn't, which explained why it always knocked me out :)

Thanks for dropping by and welcome!