Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Delicious [baking] Mistakes

So, there are several vegan baking projects I am trying to perfect. By 'perfect,' I mean my version exceeds pretty much any other version I have had, vegan or otherwise, in texture, flavor, etc. I make it so the product is indistinguishable as vegan, or in any way lacking. So far I perfected spiced ginger-molasses cookies, and almond cookies. Much as I love raw foods, and many of them far exceed their non-raw counter parts, many are fundamentally different, same with a lot of vegan goods. So it is time to eliminate the justification for any excuse of "just not as good," "different," etc.

Understandably, this takes some trial and error. Right now I am working on brownies. They taste amazing, but they always end up getting 'fried,' re: oil bubbles up along the sides, even when I use far less than recommended, etc. I am left with a sort of fudgey, almost candied product. It is completely irresistible and I am not doing my body any favors by having these delicious piles of dense chocolate ooze lying around, but it isn't a brownie, not yet.

Still. One of the many fun things, what to do with all that delicious failure?

Mmm... Whipped up some cashew-coconut cream (later to be used as a cardamom ice cream base), sliced some bananas and frozen strawberries, sprinkled with some walnuts, and voila! Brownie banana split sundae! Tres decadent! Totes delish (sorry had to short-hand).

As for the brownie 'frying' itself, this is a pic of what I am talking about...

Still tooling what to do... different egg substitute, perhaps (I want to avoid ones like banana that have their own distinct flavor. I am trying to perfect the dense, rich, pure chocolate square), even less oil than I am already using (I think I am using half recommended right now), more white flour (boo). Anyway... the quest continues.

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